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Overview of the firm

EPLegal is the first Vietnamese law firm which is specialised in the oil & gas industry with the foremost legal practice to support clients’ needs for the Energy Industry in Vietnam. Originated from an upstream oil and gas consultancy service company founded in 2005, the firm has developed close business relationship with most of major oil & gas players in Vietnam including Talisman, BP, Petronas, Cuu Long JOC, Thang Long – Hoan Vu JOC, Truong Son JOC, Lam Son JOC, Bien Dong POC, Dai Hung Enterprise, and PVN’s subsidiaries such as PTSC PVTrans, PVShipyard, PVFCCo, etc


With increasing legal services demand in Vietnam, in 2009 EPLegal opened its new office in Vung Tau City as a Vietnamese registered law firm and in 2010 we moved our office to Ho Chi Minh City, the heart of Vietnamese economic center. Since then EPLegal has extended its legal services intensively to international trade, commercial contracts, banking and project financing, investments and corporate matters. Our typical clients include leading oil and gas operators and contractors, well-known financial institutions and capital funds, as well as corporations having high-valued trans-border transactions in Vietnam. EPLegal has now come to the attention of our clients as a local firm with international perspectives.


EPLegal distinguishes itself by focusing on its corporate clients with a philosophy grounded on personal service to its valued clients, and a disciplined approach to advancing clients’ interests in a balanced way in order to produce the quickest and most advantageous commercial solutions. We do not only offer safe and protective advices but also bring an edge to our clients by defining the practical implication of each particular course of legal action and thereby offer tailor-made solutions to the specific needs of clients.


Our professional team

EPLegal possesses highly qualified lawyers and consultants with a normal range of 10-20 year experience in legal and contract related practices. Apart from two foreign partners having PhD qualifications, most of EPLegal’s professional team members at senior level have obtained one or more master degrees issued by well-known universities in UK, US, Belgium and Vietnam. The mixture of Vietnamese expertise and international knowledge makes EPLegal the perfect legal services choice for projects where there are actual or potential conflicting forums or jurisdictions over the assets, transactions or relationships among the parties. While ensuring Vietnamese laws are always observed by these transactions we are also able to advise to clients the most effective or convenient forum of choice for each type of relationship and the most efficient structure(s).

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Our expertise

EPLegal is capable of providing legal advice on the following service domains:
. Energy - Oil & Gas
. Banking & Finance
. Corporate & Tax
. Mergers & Acquisitions
. Real Estate & Construction
. Dispute Settlement
. International Trading - Shipping - Marine Insurance