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Energy - Oil & Gas related



We are proud that EPLegal is the foremost legal practice to support clients’ needs for the Oil & Gas Industry in Vietnam.  
Key members of EPLegal staff have sound knowledge of petroleum laws and other laws related to oil and gas activities, as well as proven track record on experience working with the leading oil and gas operations and service companies in Vietnam.  Accordingly, EPLegal would be your best choice for reliable legal advice for developing and executing complex Oil & Gas Industry transactions involving such matters as production sharing, joint operating, cooperation, consortium and joint venture agreements, oilfield services, and EPC/EPIC contracts, as well as dispute management in the oil & gas sector.

Our energy lawyers have considerable experience in handling the various agreements and legal issues attendant to different types of industry transactions, including the following:
•    Negotiation and preparation of documents relating to the exploration, development and operation of oil and gas properties, including FPSO/FSO, rig operation, drilling support services, oilfield and other technical services and EPC/EPIC projects;
•    Performance of due diligence, negotiation and preparation of documents for the acquisition or disposition of oil and gas related properties and equity interest;
•    Preparation of tender documents, criteria and strategies for oil & gas related bidding;
•    Structuring, preparation of documents and negotiation of transactions relating to the incorporation of joint ventures, business cooperation, partnerships, representative offices, 100% foreign owned enterprises in oilfield services;
•    Representation, negotiation in any dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration.
EPLegal service ranges from upstream, midstream to downstream, and includes exploration, production, processing plants, refineries, environmental concerns, and management. Please refer to the list of our major oil & gas projects in the attached Profile (Part V) for your further information.