Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)



Ms. Ngo Quynh Anh (Annie)

Of Counsel

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- Master of Business Administration, the University of Hawaii

- Bachelor in Finance and Accounting, Oklahoma University, USA

-   Bachelor in Law, Law University in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

-    Lawyer training program

-  Advanced CRM (Contract Risk Management) Oil & Gas Training

-   Supply Chain, Oil and Gas Procurement

-   Leadership and Management Training in Oil & Gas





Annie is a commercial, contract and legal expert in the Vietnam oil and gas sector with 13 years of working experience. Annie used to work for Unocal Houston, an oil company in the USA.

Annie’s career highlights include establishing the Supply Chain Management System and advising on all Legal, Commercial, Contract and Procurement mattes as the Procurement Manager in Cuulong Joint Operating Company (CLJOC), an operator in the oil & gas industry which operates in Block 15-1, Cuu Long Basin, Vietnam. CLJOC is a joint operating company with PetroVietnam, ConocoPhillips (now, it is Perenco), KNOC, SK & Geopetrol as shareholders. Procurement activities in CLJOC cover all areas of upstream operations such as project development, subsurface, well operations, production operations and crude oil export. Annie has taken care of all the following activities:

•    Development and implementation of the Procurement Policy and Procedures at CLJOC, reflecting all interests of the partners, based on the Petroleum Contract and Bidding Law of Vietnam as well as other requirements and regulations.
•  Working with technical professionals to procure the quantity and type of equipment and materials needed, schedule of delivery and estimations resulting in procurement strategies for final approval. Searching for market intelligent to make sure the best products & services will be delivered in timely manner, especially in Drilling and Production operations.
•       Management of the procurement process which includes strategy, development, bidding documents, bidding evaluation procedures and recommendations to PVN/Partners for operational requirements.
•       Leading contract negotiations with suppliers and Partners of CLJOC. Providing advice on legal and commercial aspects, especially Common Law, and Civil Law of Vietnam
•       Providing documentation and optimal solutions (legal and professional advice) to the company management board for dispute resolution.
•       Managing staff personnel to work professionally and solve problems incurred during the works, work with PetroVietnam and advising on how to work with Government officials
•       Ensuring that the procurement activities are progressed following policy and proper procedures, and that all bidding activities are fair and transparent.
•       Working with Custom Authorities on import/export matters.
•       Manage 20 procurement professionals. 

Another project that Annie has worked on is with PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP) as Commercial Manager, in charge of all commercial activities in the Corporation. PVEP is the Exploration and Production Corporation of PetroVietnam, which presents PetroVietnam in all offshore operations inside and outside Vietnam. PVEP is shareholder of all JOCs and PSCs contracts in Vietnam, which holds up to 50% shares in these contracts. PVEP is also operating some blocks internationally. Annie has been involved in procurement and bidding activities for the development of upstream operations of PVEP to make sure the projects are in good order.

Annie has joined the Gas Project with Bien Dong Petroleum Company, a Gas Operator in Vietnam which is owned 51% by PetroVietnam and 49% by Gazprom International EP. Corporation. She gained experience in Gas Transportation and Allocation, Gas Selling and Purchases with Gas Buyer, as well as in Condensate Commercial activities. Annie also worked as consultant on the Commercial and Contractual aspects of the Petroleum Sharing Contract in this project, developing all Commercial Agreements for the joint operation between PetroVietnam and Gazprom.

Anne managed the crude oil trading and selling activities of PVOIL Corporation in Vietnam. Furthermore, she worked for CGG Veritas, a company providing upstream services to the Vietnam Oil and Gas market.

Professional Admission

Founder of Procurement Network in Oil and Gas in Vietnam