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Dr. Nguyen Minh Hang

Sr. Consultant

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Doctor of Law (majoring in International Business Law, François Rabelais University, University of Tours, France, 2009),

Subject of the Thesis: “Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and Vietnamese Sale of Goods Law”

Master of International Business Law (François Rabelais University and Foreign Trade University, 2002)

Bachelor of External Economics (Foreign Trade University 2001)



Hang is a prominent academic professional in Vietnam with practical legal advisory experiences. She practices in the area of corporate and commercial transactions advice with extensive experience on international trade law, and commercial arbitration. In 2012 Hang was invited to be an arbitrator of the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC), being one of the youngest arbitrators at that time. Hang has been a famous consultant for advising Vietnamese enterprises in their cross-border transactions and other contract-related matters. Hang has 10 year working experience as independent advisor for differents companies and groups (Vnpt, Mobifone, Viettel, Duc Giang Garment Group, Tien Loc Group, Havuong Steel, Diginet…)

Hang is currently the Dean of the faculty of law, Foreign Trade University. She is also a popular invited lecturer of Vietnam-French Center for Management Training (CFVG), Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Hanoi Law University, etc.

Hang is the author of numerous legal books and articles and high profile researches on the CISG, ICSID, WTO laws and other contract related subjects.  She is also a well-known speaker in many local and international academic forums on the principles of contracts, international trade, and general developments of the rules of law.


“Modyfing Vietnamese Commercial Law to be compatible with international law and customs” Publisher of Theory and Politics          2005       Participant (Chief author: Prof - Dr  NGUYEN Thi Mo)

•       “Selecting the method and solutions for Vietnam to open commercial services” Publisher of Theory and Politics                 2005       Participant (Chief author: Prof – Dr  NGUYEN Thi Mo)

•       “UNIDROIT principles on International Commercial Contracts” (translation book) Publisher of Justice       2006                Leader of the translation group

•       La vente internationale et le droit vietnamien de la vente (International Sale of Goods and Vietnamese Sale of Goods Law)   PUFR publisher (France)              2010       Author

•       Terminologie contractuelle commune (The contractual termilogy) (translation book) Publisher of encyclopaedic dictionary 2011    Leader of the translation group

•       « Application of the Unidroit Principles on International Commercial Contracts by national judges and international arbitration» External Economic Review No 9/2004,  p.47-56, 2004.

•       «Differences between electronic contracts and traditional contracts signature” External Economic Review No 18/2006, p.77-84, 2006

•       « Good faith and fair dealing, a basic principle of contracts law” External Economic Review No 24/2007, p.19-27, 2007.

•       « Legal consultant services on international business” External Economic Review No 29/2008, p.56-63, 2008.

•       Developing the method of disupute settlement by commercial conciliation in Vietnam

•       External Economic Review No 43/2010, p.21-28  2010       Co-author with VU Mai Anh)

•        “L’histoire et la philosophie du droit vietnamien des contrats” (The History and Philosophy of Vietnamese Contract Law)

•       International Business Law Review (Revue de Droit des Affaires Internationales) No 4/2010, p.346-365 (French-English Magazine) 2010

•       Modifying and completing Vietnamese Commercial Law in order to be compatible with international commercial law and customs, Head of the project: Prof – Dr. NGUYEN Thi Mo    2003-2004            Final acceptance in 10/2004, Excellent rated Ministry of Trade level

•       Ministrial level research, code B2003-40-30: Responsibility for breach of sale of goods contracts under the United States Uniform Commercial Code. Head of the project: Associate Prof – Dr HOANG Ngoc Thiet   2003-2005       Final acceptance in 4/2005, Good rated  Ministry of Education and Training level

•       Ministry of Trade level research, code 2005-78-003 : Legal issues in conclusion of electronic contracts. Head of the project: Prof – Dr NGUYEN Thi Mo, 2005-2006 Final acceptance in 5/2006

•       Ministrial level research: Conflicts of Law Resolution in International Business – European practice and lessons for Vietnam        2008-2009            Final acceptance in 12/2010.

•       Head of the research project: « International Investment disputes settlement under the mechanisim of International Investment disputes settlement Center (ICSID) and experiences for Vietnam         2011-2012                Final acceptance in  03/2013.

•       Head of the branch project: Cost and Benefit for Vietnam to participating to TPP – under the national level project research « The Trans-Pacific Partnership Aggrement  and Vietnam’s participation »          2012-2013                Final acceptance in  07/2014.



& participation

Vietnamese Lawyer Association (VLA)
• French Comparative Law Association
• International Contract Research Team (group of International contract Law researchers in Francophone nations)

• Research Center for International Trade Law (Director)