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Enhancing cooperation in the field of civil enforcement of judgments between the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam and the United Kingdom


We are thrilled to announce that EPLegal’s Founding Partner, Tony Nguyen, was honored to company the Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice delegation (led by Deputy Minister, Mr. Mai Luong Khoi) visiting the United Kingdom to discuss matters related to civil enforcement of judgments and asset recovery in cases of corruption.

The primary purpose of the visit was to study and exchange information on organizational models, procedures, and best practices in civil enforcement of judgments. The Vietnamese delegation aimed to gather insights that would assist in revising and improving the legal framework for civil enforcement in Vietnam.

During the meetings with the UK’s Ministry of Justice, Deputy Minister, Mr. Mai Luong Khoi, outlined the mission’s objective, which was to research and exchange information related to the organization of civil judgment enforcement in Vietnam, including its models, administrative structures, and procedural sequences. In turn, the UK’s Ministry of Justice shared information about how they organize and manage civil enforcement in their country.

The delegation also visited organizations such as the UK’s Ministry of Justice, His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service, the International Anti-Corruption Coordination Centre (IACCC), the High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA), and the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) from September 6-9, 2023, in the UK to gain insights and share experiences in asset management and enforcement, as well as the utilization of information technology in these processes. Additionally, the delegation also visited the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK to propose and discuss future legal and judicial cooperation activities between the two nations.

The visit was a great success and was highly valued by the delegations from both countries.

For further information, please visit the following link: https://www.moj.gov.vn/qt/tintuc/Pages/hoat-dong-cua-lanh-dao-bo.aspx?ItemID=5921&gidzl=iKhkE6kYubwwK-auQxZYKBHIx3LoxE5IgbRZCtNhwWVuLk8rTRde0_bKiJ0YlkbHyWNYE33etpfGQwtcMm 


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