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EPLegal’s Founding Partner attended the 14th Asean law association general assembly in Luala Lumpur, Malaysia


We are delighted to announce that EPLegal’s Founding Partner, Mr. Nguyen Trung Nam (Tony Nguyen), was honored to participate in the 14th ASEAN Law Association (ALA) General Assembly. This event took place from 17th to 21st October 2023 and was hosted by ALA in collaboration with Badan Kehakiman Malaysia and the Malaysia Judiciary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

ALA, a non-governmental organisation, is a regional law association that is committed to helping promote peace and prosperity in ASEAN through legal cooperation and the advancement of the rule of law. For more information about the ASEAN Law Association, we invite you to explore their website: ASEAN Law Association

In line with the recent format of the convening of the General Assembly, the plenary ceremony was divided into five sessions. Mr. Tony Nguyen, a member of the Virtual Market Place Standing Committee, delivered insights on the development of the legal market for foreign lawyers and the harmonization of GDPR in ASEAN countries during plenary session 3 titled “Our ASEAN Sentinels”.

The ceremony was also attended by ALA President, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Chairs of ALA National Committees of ASEAN Member States, comprising Chief Justices, Supreme Court Justices and Attorneys General. Furthermore, it drew the participation of the ALA Secretary General, alongside legal practitioners, government legal officers and legal academics from ASEAN member states.

The ALA General Assembly gathers every three years to address and deliberate upon significant legal matters within the region.   

Last but not least, at this very ALA General Assembly, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon of Singapore gracefully concluded his term as the President of ALA. He was elected as ALA President in July 2018 at the 13th General Assembly, who tirelessly worked to enhance ALA’s relevance within the ASEAN community and strengthen ALA’s links with ASEAN.


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