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[EPLegal’s Founding Partner participated in the “Mediation Seminar”]


On 16 January 2024, on the invitation of Malaysian International Mediation Center’s (MIMC), EPLegal’s Founding Partner, Mr. Tony Nguyen, was honored to speak at the Mediation Seminar held as part of the MIMC’s 25th-anniversary event, taking place from 15 to 16 January 2024.

This workshop aims to raise awareness about mediation and the many situations where mediation could bring benefits to the parties. This panel will also discuss potential opportunities for mediation in corporate matters and dispute resolution.

During his presentation, Mr. Tony Nguyen delivered an insightful presentation on the interplay between ESG and Mediation, highlighting the typical types of disputes that arise within the ESG framework. He further elaborated on the significance of resolving these disputes through mediation, drawing from his experiences in both Vietnam and the UK.

ESG’s role in Vietnam’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions was acknowledged and greatly appreciated. EPLegal actively contributes to Vietnam’s praiseworthy efforts in this crucial area.

Finally, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to MIMC on its remarkable milestone of 25 years. We wish MIMC continued growth and prosperity in the years ahead.