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EPLegal organized training seminar for Ges scholars


On the evening of January 18, EPLegal’s Partners, Mr. Tony Nguyen and Mrs. Annie Ngo held the seminar with topics related to net zero and renewable energy as well as mediation and ESG. The training session took place successfully with the participation of many GES Scholars coming from Hanoi.

At the meeting, Mr. Tony Nguyen with the role of lecturer, delved into the mediation as well as ESG in Vietnam and the UK. He analyzed them from many different perspectives such as environmental, social, and governance. At the end of his part, Mr.Tony shared his useful recommendations on the development of mediation related to ESG disputes.

Adding to the wealth of knowledge, our Managing Partner, Mrs. Annie Ngo guided participants about net zero in Vietnam and the role of renewable energy. As an expert in this field, she offered insights into net zero development, the opportunities and challenges in Vietnam, as well as the role of renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy,…with the emission reduction goals.

After the discussion and Q&A sessions, the training seminars with valuable knowledge ended successfully. EPLegal highly appreciates the participation and the interest of Hanoi GES Scholars for our training sessions. We hope that the information as well as our Partner’s insightful sharing are useful for your learning and research process.

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