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EPLegal’s Founding Partner spoke at the International Dispute Resolution Conference organized by Vietnam Mediation Center


On January 17 and 19 of 2024, Mr. Tony Nguyen, EPLegal’s Founding Partner, was invited by the Vietnam Mediation Center (VMC) to serve as the guest speaker at the seminars held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The seminar, which was entitled “International Dispute Resolution in a Post-Pandemic Era: Trends and Challenges,” was designed to convene legal professionals and experts to discuss the evolving nature of dispute resolution in a world that is still recovering from the global pandemic. The primary aim of the seminar was to explore emerging trends and challenges that are impacting the field of dispute resolution.

During the seminars, Mr. Tony Nguyen, along with Mr. George Lim SC, Chairman of the Singapore Mediation Centre, Mr. Chuan Wee Mang, CEO of the same centre, and Mrs. Hoang Nguyen Ha Quyen, Managing Partner of LNT&Partners, VMC’s listed mediator, shared their insights on how multi-million dollar green energy and construction disputes can be transformed into mutually beneficial deals by facilitating the use of international arbitration. With the rise of green energy and construction projects worldwide, which often involve intricate contractual arrangements, disputes arising from these projects could lead to costly and time-consuming arbitration proceedings. As we continue to navigate the post-pandemic era, it’s vital to find innovative ways to expedite the dispute resolution process and transform them into opportunities for collaboration and deal-making.

Throughout the seminars, the experts delved into a multitude of techniques and strategies by drawing from real-life mediation cases. These cases provided invaluable insight into the tangible and intangible costs and benefits associated with mediation. By examining these examples, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the mediation process, the obstacles faced, and the innovative approaches taken in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Mr. Tony Nguyen is thrilled to have been invited as the guest speaker alongside other esteemed experts in the field. EPLegal is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with other professionals and exchange insights into this field.

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