Shipping - Aviation

EPLegal is a trusted legal partner in both the maritime and aviation shipping industries. Our experienced solicitors possess the necessary skills and industry knowledge to provide top-quality representation across a wide range of legal matters.

In the aviation sector, we excel at handling aircraft lease, novation, and transfer transactions. Our services include drafting lease agreements, novation and transfer agreements, and providing legal opinions on Aircraft Sale and Leaseback arrangements. We also offer advisory services to owners, lessors, lenders, and guarantors in financing and refinancing transactions. 

In the maritime field, our expertise covers admiralty, cargo recovery and defense, ship finance, sale and purchase, and ship arrest. We assist clients with vessel registration, flagging out, and provide comprehensive guidance on shipping-related financing. Our experience extends to negotiating charter parties, contracts of affreightment, ship management agreements, and more. 

With our in-depth knowledge and track record, we have advised on vessel and ship mortgage arrangements involving prominent entities such as Saigon Offshore Fabrication and Engineering Limited, Hung Lam JSC, Tien Phong Bank, HDBANK, and IndoVina Bank.